About WebShot Designs

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WebShot Designs has been set up with one goal in mind, to give small businesses, tradesmen, individuals and clubs everything needed to be online.

We have over 10 years  website design and Internet marketing experience and know what it takes to build professional, high quality and easy to use websites that work.

The Internet has dramatically changed the way businesses and individuals operate, but for some reason Websites are still not affordable to make...

With our knowledge we have been able to transform what was once a cumbersome and expensive experience and turn it into a simple and cost effective solution.

We set up fully functional, easy to run, multi-page sites, designed specifically for you, with hosting, emails and even your own domain name, this is Everything You Need to be Online, all for a fraction of the price.

Our $49 Info Site Package is ideal for anyone needing an informational site including tradesmen, small business' and clubs.

Our $99 Online Shop Package gives you a complete online shopping cart and everything needed to start selling your goods online.

Want something a bit different?
We have 1000's of other templates that can be adapted to make that perfect website for you. Available for a small additional payment of only $399!

With most of the world now online, an Internet website is as essential as a phone line

for ANY business to survive.

Now you too can take advantage of all the opportunities an Internet presence presents, without having to worry about  costly website design or hidden maintenance charges.

Because we know reliability, uptime and security are paramount, we use the World Leader in 'Cloud' hosting, RackSpace, and distribute it among our clients. This provides you the right amount of hosting on a state of the art, highly efficient infrastructure all for an affordable price.

We are the professionals and build sites that work for a price Everyone can afford.


Join Now to Discover how Easy and Affordable an Internet Presence can be.