WebShot Designs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Below we have compiled answers to some commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered below please feel free to contact us.



Why do I need a Website?

With most of the world now Online, an Internet Website is as Essential as a phone for ANY business to survive. Current figures show only 38% of USA Small / Medium businesses actually have a Web presence. As most people now search online to find the services / products they want, If you don't have a website those potential customers will go to your competitors.

Once your business/ service is Online people from all over the World can access your Website and if you have a shop, purchase your products.



What Does WebShot Designs Do?

WebShot Designs has been set up with one goal in mind, this is to give small businesses, tradesmen, individuals and clubs every opportunity to be Online.

Your Business/ Service will become well known to people locally and internationally, meaning more money and awareness of your product / service / club or hobby.



Will my Website really only Cost me $49 + $25 a month?


Yes, our $49 package includes everything needed to get you Online.


Our $99 package includes all the features of the $49 package as well as:

Want something a bit different?

Can I have the template modified?


Yes, all our templates can be modified to suit you for an additional charge (let us know what you want and we will price it for you)

We can also create custom sites as well.



How Can I Pay?


All our orders on this site are processed via our thrid party supplied ClickBank.com. Clickbank accepts debit cards provided by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Bravo, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB. Your customers may also pay via Paypal.


What is a CMS?


CMS is short for Content Management System)

A CMS is a online programme that controls all of your information. Our CMS allows you to make changes, add photos and create new information on your Website, so you will always have an up to date and dynamic Website. We have made our CMS simple to use and best of all we include it free of charge with every website we make.



I see the first 3 pages are free, can you add more for me?


Your very own CMS is easy to use and allows an almost unlimited amount of pages to be added. You can always add / modify pages yourself for free from within your own admin area, or we can do it for you for only $20 per page. just ask us for more details.


I need another email address, can I get one?


As part of the original package we set up 2 free full pop3 email account with webmail access and 1 Gigabyte of online storage. We can set up more for you for only $20 per year per pack of 10 - (these packs need to be redeemed all at once)


Why are you so much more Affordable than the other providers out there?


Many of the other Web Design companies out there take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Technology has changed dramatically over the last 10 years since we first started building websites, but prices have not. Many companies still charge massive markups and additional, unjustified monthly maintenance fees, they also charge you for unneeded 'extras'.

Our packages are completely flexible. The base package includes everything needed to be online and includes a base professionally designed template showcasing your logo and with your choice of colours.


This base package is suitable for 99% of our customers, however If you do want 'extras' or changes outside this base template then there are small charges to do this (just tell us what you want and we can price it up for you)

With our already set up World Leading 'Cloud Servers', and simple yet highly effective website designs, we can pass enormous savings on to you, while still having industry leading support and service.



What after care support do you offer?


Once you site has been made we do not stop there. If you get stuck or have a question at any time, simply go to our members ticketing area and submit a support request. One of our friendly staff members will be in contact to help you out. We also have informative help documents and videos available online for you to view.


What will my Website look like?


To ensure you receive an amazing website for the fraction of the price of other design companies, we use a template system to build your website. This means your website will be very similar in design to the website you are currently viewing, or to some of the  sites we have listed on our portfolio page



How many pages can my Website have?


We set up the initial navigational area for you. After this you can add / update an almost unlimited amount of pages via the admin area in your CMS. If you run out of room in the initial navigational area you can easily create sub-categories.There is also a news / blog module that you can use.

Adding new pages will always be free for you to do. If you prefer us to handle this we can add / update pages for a small charge.

How many products can my Shopping Website really have?


Our shopping system is fully featured and very extendable. It can easily hold a couple of products through to tens of thousands of products. The largest site running this system has in excess of 100,000 products... Please be aware that If you intend to list more that 5,000 products you will need to let us know so we can set up your very own hosting plan + extra must have features for managing a site that is this large.

Adding new products or updating existing products will always be free for you to do. If you prefer us to handle this we can add / update pages for a small charge.


What payment processors are available?


All the eCommerce websites we create have initial support for PayPal credit card processing, Bank Transfer, Cheque / Money Order, Cash On Delivery and Free Checkout.

However to ensure you get the most out of your eCommerce Website we have support for a number of Payment Processors. Further details are available here.


What is a Domain name and what Domain name will I receive?


A domain name is like an address on the Internet. People simply type in your address to view your website.


All our packages provide you with a Free .com domain name of your choice e.g.(www.yourbusinessname.com).


Due to the nature of domain names, your first choice may not be available. We will however look for a suitable alternative and confirm this with you before registering it.


I already have a Domain name, can I still use this?


Yes you can, we will point it to our servers free of charge.


How long will it take for my Website to be completed?


We aim to have all Websites complete between 3-4 weeks from when we receive all the images and content from you.


Where will my site be hosted?


Because we know reliability, uptime and security are paramount, we use the World Leader in 'Cloud' hosting, RackSpace, and distribute it among our clients. This provides you the right amount of hosting on a state of the art, highly efficient infrastructure all for an affordable price. If you are planning on running a large site (ie 1000 + pages or products let us know and we can discuss how we should setting it up correctly right from the start)

Can WebShot help get more visitors to my site?


Yes, we have a number of professional Internet Marketing packages available for all of our customers. These start at just $49 and will give you site (and wallet) a healthy boost . These are available once your site has been completed


How can I pay for my Website?


All our ordering is processed through our trusted third party provider, ClickBank.com. They are the Internet's leading retailer of digital products and securely process an order somewhere in the world every 3 seconds. You can rest easy knowing that all your personal and financial information is COMPLETELY protected.



What Information do you need?


To get your new Website set up in the quickest time possible, we have an easy to use Join Now Page . Simply fill this in and your order details will be sent to us automatically.



How do I order?


To get started in the quickest possible time, simply follow the directions on our Join Now Page.



Join Now to Discover how Easy and Affordable an Internet Presence can be.

$20 per year per pack of 10 - (these packs need to be redeemed all at once)